Museum store reopens

Lauren Carll

The new and improved Kent State University Museum store is now open.

The store, which was previously located in the museum lobby, is now just a few yards down the hall in what used to be a gallery room.

Museum store manager Ruth Krause said the store is in a better location because the space is bigger and allows room for more merchandise.

“When we (the store) were out front, people were sometimes confused if that was the gift shop or not,” Krause said. “Now that the store is in a room, we can display things in many new and interesting ways.”

Museum director Jean Druesedow said she likes the new location of the store because it allows the lobby to be less cluttered.

“The lobby is really the entrance to the museum,” she said. “We wanted to recapture the spaciousness and graciousness of the area.”

Krause said she is also glad to see the store move because the lobby will be open for three artists to set up demonstration tables at tonight’s grand opening wine reception from 5-7 p.m.

“All three artists are jewelry-makers,” she said. “They are going to talk to customers about the procedures of making jewelry. One lady will be demonstrating how she folds origami-framed pieces and the other two ladies will be describing how they work with their silver and gemstones.”

Krause said since the store is bigger, more merchandise will be available.

“I’m mainly looking for local artists’ pieces because their work is unique, but we also order a lot of our items from various companies,” she said.

Druesedow said the store carries a lot of items that appeal to many different publics.

“The merchandise has to relate to fashion in some way,” she said. “We try to vary it so that there is something for all age groups.”

Melissa Egbers, a sophomore fashion design major, said she visits the museum store different times throughout the year when she is in-between classes.

“Since I’m a fashion major, and I’m in the building a lot, I know that there’s a store,” Egbers said. “But I don’t think a lot of students, other than fashion majors, really know about it.”

Druesedow said a lot of students do not know there is a store in the museum, but she hopes to see that change.

“Hopefully by having a better shopping arrangement and more interesting merchandise, people will begin to think of coming here if they need a gift,” she said.

Krause said the top-selling items include books, stationary and cards, but some of her favorite items are the hand-made scarves, handbags, jewelry and jewelry holders.

Egbers said she likes the museum store because it sells unique cards and stationary.

“I love the cute little notepads and cards,” she said. “It’s fun to look around in the store because you’ll find a lot of things here that other stores don’t have.”

Krause said she is excited about the new changes and hopes to see more people visit the museum store in the future.

“I’m ready for the store to be up and running,” she said. “Hopefully we’ll see some new faces shopping around. I think this change is going to be a lot of fun.”

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