Comedy show cracks up audience

Denver Collins

WATCH video of BUS comedy show.

On Valentine’s Day evening, the Kent State ballroom was packed for a comedy show featuring a group of black comedians sponsored by Black United Students.

But romance took a back seat to the raw, uncensored reality of relationships, weed and Onstar.

The headliner, Boogie The Comedian, made his fourth appearance at Kent State.

“I love (Kent State)’ cuz it’s like a family feelin’,” he said after his performance. “When you’re onstage, it’s nice to have eager faces lookin’ back at you.”

Eager faces may be an understatement, as the group had the audience howling, jumping out of their seats and snagging Valentine’s Day prizes from them onstage.

The show was hosted by a comedian named Pee-Wee with music from DJ Lo-Key and featured Rob Allen, Cool TLC and ended with Boogie.

But even comedians can get serious, as Boogie let the crowd know his thoughts on relationships.

“It shouldn’t take no holiday to tell your woman you love her,” he said, as the women in the audience swooned.

The show had quite a few life lessons like this, and the brutal honesty of Cool TLC left the audience enlightened.

“Don’t ever hide your weed while you’re high, thinking no one’s gonna find it,” he warned. “‘Cuz guess what? You ain’t neither.”

He also observed how broke people always seem to look at you funny, how long a fight seems to last when you lose and what the black version of Onstar would be like.

No one was safe from these performers, as they ripped into Flava Flav, New York, Soulja Boy, Kanye West and white people.

“White people will let you know how tore up they are, at least black people pretend they ain’t drunk,” Cool TLC said.

The comedians didn’t go to college, but they seemed to relate to the crowd on a level that everyone understood. They know about stalkers on Facebook, what it’s like to be broke, how some people always are looking to fight and what traffic is like on campus.

“I almost went to Cleveland State,” Cool TLC said, “But I couldn’t find a parking spot. Shit wasn’t meant to be.”

So these four have devoted their careers to making people laugh. Boogie let the audience know his reason for entering comedy and why it’s important to him.

“When you’re laughin’, you ain’t thinkin’ about your real life,” he said.

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