Why we are acting like God is not part of our lives?

Vanessa Opoku

Since Fall 2007, I’ve wanted to write in the Stater, but trials and tribulations pulled me back. Obviously, the devil did not want me to tell you what God has to say and bless us with. But with his blessings I am a born-again Christian and experiencing his joy constantly. In 2008, I am not holding back at all. I wake up in the morning declaring the day the Lord has made so I would rejoice.

So why should you keep on reading?

Some of you might disagree with my beliefs and say science is all we need. I ask, who created science? I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Why are we acting like God is not part of our lives? He gave us the energy to wake up in the morning and the intelligence to study and take tests and exams. He blessed us to come college, while some people around the world do not have the opportunity to even make it to high school. Most importantly he gave us his son, Jesus Christ, so we can be saved from the sins we made in the past and the sins that we are going to make in the future.

Why is it when someone mentions Jesus Christ, we tend to get shook up? Christ is the most controversial person in the past, the present and is still going to be in the future. However, one day the whole world will bow down and confess he is King.

God is so good to us, and yet we brush over him. We have the time to eat, go to wild parties, go to school, read, dance, sing and sleep, but when it comes to worshiping and talking about him, we put him aside. Now, I am not condemning anyone, but I am trying to be honest.

When the Holy Spirit was talking through my pastor at church this Sunday, he said something that made me think: We tend to care more about our possessions than people.

But I said, I love and care about people so that is enough. Right? He went further to add when we see a homeless person on the street, we pass by, not wanting to be bothered by him or her. Do we offer help or do we give them food? I said, no, I don’t. I mean, I had to be honest with myself.

But if our television was messed up or if our car was broken down, we would do everything in our power to fix it.

That is what we are supposed to do; we have to survive, right? When we help a homeless person, the person is not going to reward us. Our car would take us places and our television would entertain us. But humans are much more worthy than our possessions.

Our material things can melt like snow – our possessions and treasures get lost or stolen all the time. When we die, we are not taking anything we worked so hard for on earth to our graves.

That is why God said store your treasures in heaven where no one can steal them (Matthew 6:19-21). Those verses are for anyone who needs proof that what I said is from God and not from me. I urge you not to forget who created you and to remember we are able to wake up in the morning, go to class, study and enjoy his blessings because he has mercy on us. God is not here to condemn you, but to save all of us. I mean all of us. No one should ever forget that.

Vanessa Opoku is a sophomore school health education major and a guest columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].