Film class aims to produce a positive, black TV show

Jessica Cole

Kent State is going national with a brand new television show called “College Summit.”

The students of Afro-American Affairs Practicum, known as Family Tree, have decided to step out of the box and produce a new, positive college television show, said Darius Peterson, director and graphic designer.

Family Tree is aiming to produce a show that is fun, upbeat and entertaining, as well as informative.

It will be an “infotainment” show, said Traci Williams, executive producer and class instructor.

“I think what we’re all trying to do is to be able to produce a positive African American television show geared towards college students,” said Jeff Johnson, special segments co-producer.

The students have been working together since last semester to prepare for the show’s first taping on Feb. 13.

“College Summit” will be broadcast to more than 200 colleges across the country on the Open Student Television Network. It will be Kent State University’s first program on this network.

The first show will be an overview of what the class has done so far. It will show sports and entertainment clips from last semester, along with clips from other student events. The first show will be an hour long, and it will serve as an introduction to “College Summit” and the people behind it.

“We want to get input from students — what do you want to see,” sports producer Makia Harris said.

Entertainment producer Brandi Davis said it’s currently working on getting an interview with the cast of “The Color Purple,” an off-Broadway touring play that is currently in Cleveland.

Up until this year, Family Tree has mainly produced movies, and they continue to do so. It is currently working on two separate films written by Chastity Morgan. Both films will be shown in a big premier during the last week of April.

“We’re tired of what’s out there,” said Morgan. “If you don’t like what’s out there, change it.”

For the first few weeks or so, students will have to watch “College Summit” on Kent State’s college station or log on to Open Student Television Network’s Web site to watch it, but the university is working on getting the cable station on campus.

By the end of the semester Kent students should be able to watch “College Summit,” as well as shows produced by all of the other colleges on the network, on the Open Student Television Network’s station.

The run date of the first showing is not yet known.

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