Director to bring offices together

Ryan Sheridan

KSU engineering, maintenance find troubles in Franklin

Thomas Euclide, director of Architecture and Engineering, stepped into his new position Friday as executive director of Facilities Planning and Operations.

He will now be in charge of Campus Operations and Environment, which belonged to Michael McDonald for 15 years. Euclide will continue to oversee Architecture and Engineering projects.

“Combining this operation will provide better overall coordination and planning necessary to reduce costs while maximizing performance and faculty and staff satisfaction,” he said.

The two departments already work closely. Together they are re-examining the mechanical room in Franklin Hall. Since the building’s opening in August, the Office of the University Architect has detected new problems. Once they’re reported to the contractor, Campus Operations and Environment confirms their completion, said Robert Misbrener, associate director of maintenance, who meets with Euclide on a daily basis.

“Our feedback to the Office of the University Architect about items we find that were not fully completed or that have failed will be improved now that we are one team,” Misbrener said.

Under Euclide’s direction, Misbrener’s employees will receive more feedback on their construction and equipment use. The departments will also be able to share information more easily, Misbrener said.

“A closer working relationship will allow each department to realize the workload and funding pressures of the other,” he said.this way,” he said.

Euclide said he doesn’t expect any additional funding but rather better efficiency.

“They were never linked in this way,” he said. “Long term, we hope to combine the departments in one location (to maximize) communication and coordination between the two areas.”

The next project for Euclide’s Facilities Planning and Operations is the Roe Green Center, which recently finished the design phase. Construction will begin this spring.

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