Rathskeller offers new options

Kelly Petryszyn

Weekends on campus become more and more eventful

As the weekend approaches and students go home, the ones remaining are left with nothing to do.

Most college students do not have the money to spend on consecutive nights out on the town. Some students do not even have cars to get off campus to entertain themselves. That is now changing.

Thanks to the new emphasis on late-night programming in the Rathskeller, there is now a wide variety of things to do on the weekends and free weeknights.

Tom Simpson, associate director of the Center for Student Involvement, said with this new emphasis “there will always be something to do” on campus.

This semester there will be Rally in the Ratt on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m., where friends can get together and start off their weekends. In addition, Fridays and Saturdays will have live bands and other entertainment, such as comedians.

Colleen Burch, the All Campus Programming Board president, said bands are chosen that “appeal to a variety of crowds.” Several of the bands play mellow, folk music but the genre varies every night. Many local bands are chosen because they have a following, such as Tropidelic.

“It’s good music to dance or chill to,” Burch said.

However, more than live music is offered in the Ratt.

“We are trying to diversify this semester to include all types of students’ different interests,” said late night chair for ACPB, Lamour Feagin.

These events include karaoke on Thursday nights from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. and Xbox tournaments. In addition, there will be a variety of events, such as a battle of the bands and pregame parties for Kent State sports.

The Ratt is an on-campus bar and Burch said it should be utilized as a venue. Its convenient location and free admission make it accessible to students, she said.

Simpson said the Rathskeller is better than it has been in years. He hopes it can return to its former glory, as in the past big names such as Elvis Costello and Jerry Seinfeld have sold out shows there.

The Rathskeller is off to a good start as attendance “has been tremendously higher” Simpson said. The average attendance for a Friday or Saturday night has been about 175-190 people.

Students no longer have to sit around and conjure up things to do with their free time. They can head to the Rathskeller for fun entertainment options to liven up campus life.

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