Students can register to vote absentee

Sasha Parker

Here at Kent State, many out-of-state students have opted to cast absentee ballots instead of re-registering to vote in Ohio’s primary.

Junior marketing major Ondia Butler is one such student. Butler’s home state of New Jersey will be one of the 24 states holding primary elections on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Butler’s request had to be filed by Jan. 29 in order for it to be processed and received at the New Jersey Division of Elections by Election Day.

“It’s confusing trying to re-register to vote in a state that’s not your home,” she said.

Lois Enlow, director of the Portage County Board of Elections, said students always have the choice to re-register in Ohio or vote absentee in their home state’s election.

But students from out of state should be careful, Enlow said, as re-registering could affect their scholarships.

“Any student who has a scholarship for being a resident of their home state should contact the place that gave them the scholarship before registering to vote in Ohio,” Enlow said.

If out-of-state students want to re-register to vote in Ohio, the act of re-registering alone won’t harm their status, University Registrar Glenn Davis said, as additional proof of Ohio residency is required to change their financial aid packages.

– Sasha Parker