First Year Colloquium student instructor roles up to faculty advisers

Nick Walton

The First Year Colloquium course is in the middle of a transition process that is intended to strengthen students’ first year experience.

This transition includes student instructors now being known as student associates. These changes were initiated by the 21st Century group, a faculty committee set up by Provost Robert Frank.

Terri Christensen, executive director of student success programs, said the faculty member in charge of teaching each section will determine the role of the student associate.

One possible scenario, she said, for a student associate involves attending all class meetings and participating in presentations for the class. Another allows them to co-instruct the section under the supervision of a faculty member. If a faculty member chooses not to have associates involved with the in-class activities, he or she will be responsible for staying in contact with students.

Even if they are involved with in-class activities through informal conversations, associates will have to stay in contact with students, such as e-mail or phone conversations, and more formal meetings to ensure that students are progressing through their first year.

Christensen said the changes will help create connections for students and strengthen their first year experience.

The program also plans to expand on the Flash Topics that were introduced last semester.

A continuation of the course Campus Conversations on Race and Color, started by Tim Moore, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Flash Topics allows students to enroll in an area of interest while taking their colloquium courses. Students will choose their specific courses during their PASS sessions.

Students who are interested in becoming a student associate have until Feb. 25 to register. Applicants must have a minimum of second-semester status, be in good academic standing and have successfully completed the First Year Colloquium course.

Students can register for the Student Associate Training course through FlashLine, by visiting the Undergraduate Studies office or by contacting Lauren Pernetti, coordinator of the Flashpoint course, at [email protected].

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