Get to know the ‘whitest’ guys behind IFC’s hit show

Chris Kallio

Darren Trumeter, Sam Brown, Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger and Timmy Williams comprise the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’KNow.

Courtesy Independent Film Channel

Credit: Ron Soltys

Whitest Kids U’Know

Sundays, 11 p.m.

Independent Film Channel

The sketch comedy group The Whitest Kids U’Know has become a hit with young people, bringing to this generation a style of comedy their parents adored with Monty Python and the glory days of “Saturday Night Live.”

“We’re all fans of Monty Python, of course,” said Zach Cregger, a member of the group, who was also interviewed with fellow member Trevor Moore. Sam Brown, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter are the other members of the group.

Monty Python’s inane silliness sparked an inspiration of comedy in the group, mixed with a diverse blend of comedy, such as Adam Sandler, Calvin and Hobbes and early David Letterman.

According to Moore, most of their material “was stuff that we did on stage before, so we had to adapt our stage stuff for the screen. During the second season, we kind of figured out writing for television, so a lot of the sketches are a bit more cinema-like and devised for television. So it actually seems to be getting easier.”

The group avoids ad-lib, as well.

“I’m glad that it looks that way,” Cregger mentioned, “but we’re pretty meticulous to make sure that every line is delivered as written.”

History has a unique ability to be absurd, and in a similar fashion used in other satirical shows, Whitest Kids lampoons history. In two of its most recognized sketches, historical events are poked fun at. One explains “the truth” behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, involving a vampire version of Hamlet, a heckler president, an annoyed John Wilkes Booth in the audience and a hammer. The second is the Hitler Rap. According to Whitest Kids, the Hitler Rap was based on gangsta rap’s idea of redemption.

Both sketches are two of the front-runners for its favorites.

“‘I used to kill people, but now I don’t,'” said Cregger. “Hitler would’ve been the best gansta rapper ever.”

The group has faced several complaints of indecency over the years but simply ignores these complaints.

“It is in some ways a kid’s show — we talk about stuff you’re not supposed to talk about on TV,” Cregger said.

“The Whitest Kids U’Know” has moved from Fuse, which aired its first season, to the Independent Film Channel, where it can release its material without facing editing for content (also known as censorship).

As for its future plans perhaps motion pictures.

Then “everyone can do their own thing,” said Cregger. “Kind of like the Monty Python structure.”

Both Cregger and Moore are currently working on a film called Playboys, scheduled to be released later this year.

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