FBI ends investigation of Halloween incidents

Allison Bray

The FBI recently ended its investigation into alleged misconduct by Kent Police during Halloween weekend.

Scott Wilson, spokesman for the FBI, said the Akron office conducted extensive interviews about the alleged incidents and determined that the complaints “did not rise to further federal investigation.”

The information gathered was sent to FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the Department of Justice.

Wilson added that the investigation could be re-opened if further information is received.

According to the Daily Kent Stater, witnesses reported that Kent City Police kicked in the door of the Sigma Nu Annex at 131 University Dr. Oct. 28 and then shot pepper spray or Mace into the house.

Kent Police Chief James Peach said pepper spray was not released into the house.

A separate incident the same night had police claiming party-goers on University Drive threw bottles at them. Pepper gas rounds were fired above the crowd to try and disperse the crowd, according to a report released by the Kent Police in November.

Peach said the action was appropriate because no one was hit by the canisters, according to AkronNewsNow.com.

Kent Safety Director William Lillich said Friday he had not seen the report ending the investigation.

— Allison Bray