Busy students still stay fit

Katelyn Luysterborg

Photo illustration by Chris Sharron

Credit: Ron Soltys

Being busy is a standard for a college student. Between classes, work, clubs, friends and family, it’s amazing that students have time to even think about staying healthy.

However, being busy should no longer be an excuse for not exercising. These four students find time to fit exercise into their busy schedules and share techniques to help other busy students fit exercise into their schedules.

Taylor Moss

Moss, a junior business management major, goes to the rec center four times a week while working 20 hours per week and taking 15 credit hours.

Moss runs two to three miles on the elliptical and does abdominal work. If she goes to the rec two days in a row, she’ll work her arm muscles before she runs.

“It makes me feel better,” Moss said, “and gives me the energy to get up in the morning. And sometimes I think it’s fun.”

Multi-tasking is a good way to fit exercise into your schedule. Moss suggests studying while working out on the elliptical, treadmill or bike.

If she can’t get to the rec, Moss does abdominal work at home and works out with a medicine ball and weights.

Leah Wolanski

Wolanski, a sophomore tourism management major, goes to the rec center three to four times a week between 17 credit hours, a job and two organizations.

“It makes me feel better about myself,” Wolanski said. “It’s important to be healthy.”

Wolanski works out for an hour each visit and does cardio — usually the elliptical or treadmill — for 30 minutes, and tries to go to a Power Abs group class, which lasts for 15 minutes.

“Try and go on days when you have class,” Wolanski advised, “and it will turn into a routine.”

Kim Roy

Roy, a sophomore exercise science major, goes to the rec center three to four times a week between taking 15 credit hours and working 17 hours a week.

“I try to go during the weekends or in the morning before class,” Roy said. “I try to stay motivated to go even though I am busy.

“Also, it helps me relax and relieve stress.”

Roy doesn’t buy the excuse of being too busy to work out.

“I believe there is some time to spare, even if it is just 45 minutes to an hour,” Roy said.

She advises students to stay motivated because in the end “it will be worth it.”

Julie Berry

Berry, a freshman theater major, goes to the rec center four times a week.

“I go in between classes,” Berry said, “but on busy days, I go at night.”

Berry, who is taking 15 credit hours and is involved with youth group and choir, said she usually stays at the rec for 45 minutes and does the elliptical, abdominal work and, occasionally, plays volleyball.

“It’s free,” Berry said. “You’re passing up a good opportunity if you’re not (using it).”

In short, these four students are highly motivated to stay healthy, and they find the time to stay in shape.

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