Classes at Geagua campus expected to resume today after water main break

Angelo Gargaro

A water main break gave about 1,300 students the day off yesterday at the Geauga campus.

The pipe broke Monday morning in Burton. Business Services Administrator John Granny said both the town and the campus were without water.

“There are three hallways of classrooms and two sets of office suits,” Granny said. “It’s basically a one-building campus with about 35,000 square feet of building space.”

He said there wasn’t enough water for the bathrooms and science rooms on campus, which is why classes were canceled.

Road crews said salt residue filtering into street drains corroded away the pipe.

“The problem workers were having was pinpointing where the break was,” Granny said.

The water is slowly being pumped back to ensure there will be no more breaks.

Granny said classes should resume as normal tomorrow.

– Angelo Gargaro