KIC makes taboo topics public with scheduled Kiva program

Brittany Moseley

Kent Interhall Council and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will host “Hate in a Box,” a conversation about diversity and the different opinions people have on the subject.

The program is Tuesday at 9 p.m. in the Kiva. A panel of six Kent State actors will portray people with different view points about taboo subjects. One actor is homophobic, another is racist and another is playing the role of an HIV-positive person.

Avery Danage, KIC Director of Business Operations, said it’s KIC’s responsibility to do something about diversity because the group represents everyone who lives on campus.

Although Danage said some topics may be uncomfortable for the audience, he said it’s important to talk about these issues.

“When is it the right time to talk about these? I know it’s going to be uncomfortable for people, but we need to speak about these things,” Danage said. “People lose their lives over these certain topics or being the way they are.”

“Hate in a Box” was created by the Diversity Committee which is a new program that is part of KIC. It is the committee’s first program.

– Brittany Moseley