New smoothie brings more to rec

Brittany Moseley

The grand opening of PowerBlendz took place Monday at Summit Street Café at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Summit Street Café started selling the fitness smoothies at the beginning of the semester. Dining Services marketing manager Autumn Piller said business for the café increased, and now there are always people in line.

“It’s consistently busy. It used to be dead,” Piller said. “Students are loving it, faculty love it.”

PowerBlendz comes in nine flavors, and there are six different kinds of smoothies, like Energizer, Fat Burner and Pure Protein. For 50 cents, powdered supplements can be added to a drink. There are 23 supplements to choose from, including Fiber Fuel, Caffeine 101, Total Multivitamin and Ginseng Pro.

The smoothies come in two sizes, and the price depends on the kind of smoothie. The fruit smoothie is the cheapest at $3.29 for a regular and the muscle builder is the most expensive at $5.99 for a large. Piller said Dining Services will soon put the nutritional information online.

Piller said not only is PowerBlendz helping business at the rec, but there is also a more overall awareness of Summit Street Café.

– Brittany Moseley