More than meat

Katie Roupe

One Ravenna butcher shop offers much more than beef

LOOK at photos of Portage Frosted Foods

It’s the personal touch that sets them apart.

John Rose, Portage Frosted Foods employee, greets customers — no matter their age — with a “Hey, young man, how are you doing today?” Portage Frosted Foods not only values its customers, but the employees also interact with them. And many of their customers have been coming for years.

Ryan Veon, the store’s manager, said many of the customers have shopped at the store because their dad or grandfather shopped there.

It has been open since 1946 and run by several different owners. The Veon family purchased the business last March and has made it their business to make it a fun place to shop and work.

“Life’s too short to work where you don’t have fun, that’s my life’s philosophy,” said Veon. “We joke around, we kid around, we care about each other, and at the end of the day, we do a good job.”

Rose, who has worked at Portage Frosted Foods for 20 years, is one of the most well-known employees at the store. Nikki Veon, part-owner of the store, said several customers will come in and ask specifically for John, saying that only he knows how they want their meat cut.

Customers are known by name and the employees say they love their job.

What sets Portage Frosted Foods apart from other grocery stores is the unique atmosphere and affordable prices.

“Our prices are a lot lower than the larger stores, plus we care,” Ryan said. “If you are looking for that unique fun experience that you don’t find anymore, it’s worth the trip down.”