Trimble once again asks for review of mental state

Amadeus Smith

The man convicted of the murder of Kent State student Sarah Positano has been clogging the courts with motions asking for a review of his mental state.

Legal officials believe the motions will be dismissed in Judge John A. Enlow’s court Monday.

James Trimble was convicted of murdering Positano, his girlfriend Renee Bauer and her 7-year-old son, Dakota on October 17, 2005.

Trimble is one in a list of defendants being sued in two separate civil cases stemming from the murders.

Judge Laurie J. Pittman recently dismissed Trimble’s motions regarding a mental examination in one civil case involving Bauer’s father, Jerry Bauer.

Bauer sued Trimble along with Trimble’s mother, Elizabeth, among others.

Identical motions have been filed and are still pending in a second civil case. Scott Rilley, executor for the estate of Positano, has sued James Trimble, Elizabeth Trimble, Brimfield Township and Brimfield Chief of Police David A. Blough, among others.

Portage County Prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci said he believes the motions for a review of Trimble’s mental state will be dismissed in the second civil case as well.

Denise Smith, chief of the civil division of the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office, said the results of a mental examination would have no effect on a civil case.

“He (Trimble) is really mixing up criminal matters with civil matters,” Smith said.

Amadeus Smith