Allocations denies request for the first time this semester

Kelly Pickerel

The Allocations Committee made its first refusal of the year at Friday’s meeting, said Andrew Ljubi, head of the committee.

The American Institute of Architecture Students’ request to fund speakers during the spring semester was originally tabled for two weeks and then eventually refused.

The group had first asked for $27,000, which was a quarter of the remaining budget. Ljubi asked the group to reduce costs and come back with a better request.

The speakers were to be co-sponsored by the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, but the college would not provide financial help.

Because the student organization was backed by the college but not receiving any financial help, the committee ultimately decided not to allocate money to the group for its speakers.

“I really commend them,” Ljubi said. “They cut back their request a lot. They also gained outside support from other colleges, but the College of Architecture and Environmental Design still (wasn’t) supporting them.”

Kelly Pickerel