Steer clear of winter driving hazards

Lindsay McCoy

Looking at snow from inside a building is nothing like battling the cold, the blistering winds and the roads outside. With poor visibility, it can be easy for motorists to find themselves in a bind behind the wheel.

“Slippery roads are the biggest hazard for drivers this time of year,” said Pat Kennard, Ohio Department of Transportation District 4 Spokesperson. “If you do skid, don’t hit the brake, instead take your foot off the accelerator and gently turn the wheel in the direction you want your wheels to go.”

Kennard advises motorists to slow down and keep a clear distance – three times the normal amount when the roads are dry. Motorists should also not drive too close to plow trucks because that could become dangerous.

The plow trucks will clear the way, and for people whose vehicles get stuck in the snow, Kennard gave advice on how to get out: Instead of treading and digging the wheels deeper into the snow, placing sand, salt and cinders by the wheels can help.

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Other tips:

•Have a first aid kit in your car with blankets, a flashlight, a pocketknife, bottled water, snacks and matches.

•Your gas tank should be at least half -full, in case you become stranded

•Keep your cell phone charged

•Always keep headlights on during snow and precipitation

•Slow Down!