USS seeking info on questionable police altercations

Kelly Pickerel

Undergraduate Student Senate is asking students to come forward with any information on interactions between students and police officers that seem inappropriate.

“Any student who has any information on police and students — not just on Halloween weekend — come to us,” Executive Director Katie Hale said. “We’ll respect confidentiality. If there are cases to be made, then we’ll help with that.”

Jonathan Bey, senator for community affairs, wants to help students with issues that have made their way to the media, Hale said.

“These are alarming issues,” she said. “It’s obviously grabbed the attention of the university and the community. We want to help these students.”

One issue of concern for the senators is the incident between Kent police and partygoers at the Sigma Nu Annex on Oct. 28. The FBI is conducting an investigation into the events of that evening.

“Some students might be a little hesitant to come forward because of things like underage drinking,” Hale said. “We want to help them. They won’t be held liable; it will be confidential.”

USS wants to act as a support mechanism for students, Hale said. If students need support in forming cases against the Kent Police Department, the USS is prepared to help.

The USS office is located on the first floor of the Student Center. Students can also call 330-672-3207 to speak to a senator.

— Kelly Pickerel