KSU’s Financial Affairs Director to work at University of Florida

Kristine Gill

Executive Director of Financial Affairs Matthew Fajack will be leaving Kent State to begin work at the University of Florida as vice president and chief financial officer Jan. 1.

Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president of human resources at the University of Florida, said Fajack will play a strategic role in all financial analysis, planning and recommendations relating to the university’s fiscal assets.

“(Fajack) will serve as a key partner with the entire administration, including the president, vice president, deans, the board of trustees and various financial officers,” Cavanaugh said. “He’ll be our direct support to the organization.”

Cavanaugh said the position is new this year.

“The financial world at the University of Florida has grown more complex in the last five years,” Cavanaugh said. “It grew to a level where our board especially wanted someone to assess and make recommendations for our financial assets.”

Fajack said his new position will have him working on the opposite side of his current job.

“Right now I work with the Bursar, the treasury and more of the budgeting and strategic planning,” he said. “Right now I’m tactile, and there I’m going to be more strategic.”

Fajack said a headhunter, who is a professional who looks for potential employees, contacted him about the position. His background as a CFO in a private sector company allowed Cavanaugh to access his information in an online search.

It took three phone calls before Fajack agreed to apply for the position.

“It was a hard decision. I love Kent State,” he said. “The people are incredible, and David Creamer is a great guy to work for.”

After two rounds of interviewing, Cavanaugh said that Fajack emerged as the best candidate.

“We were thrilled with his interest in us, and we know he’ll make a great contribution,” Cavanaugh said.

As with any new job, Fajack said he is both excited and nervous.

“I’m worried about it because it’s a big promotion from my current position,” he said. “I have two little kids who are excited about alligators, lizards and snakes, and they want to get a pool, too, so they’re excited about that.”

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