Fewer than 100 votes determine Ward 2 council seat winner

Emily Andrews

Seventy-three votes made the difference last night when Ward 2 of Kent elected Jack Amrhein as its new city councilman.

Amrhein, who is a social studies teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School, beat Carrie Gavriloff, who had been the councilwoman for the past four years.

“I would just like to thank the voters for their support,” Amrhein said. “I promise to work hard.”

The council race was the only decision that had to be decided on the Ward 2 ballot.

Poll worker Genny Heineking said it is important to vote because that’s how residents get what they want.

“We’re voting on our council person so we can talk to that person about our concerns,” Heineking said. “We can pick out the one that most closely relates to issues we’re interested in.”

Amrhein said he wants to concentrate on the safety in the ward and keeping it family friendly. He also wants to help with relations between members of city council.

Ward 2 resident Diane Popson said she voted for Amrhein because she thinks he will get things done and improve relations between Kent and the university.

“I voted for Jack Amrhein because I think he’s very sincere and will listen,” Popson said. “I think he will improve relations between the university and the city of Kent.”

Some poll workers in Ward 2 said the voter turn out wasn’t that high compared to other years.

“There wasn’t much to vote on, and the weather was terrible,” Heineking said. “We had over 400 voters (at that precinct) last time.”

Amrhein received 284 votes while Gavriloff received 211 votes.

Gavriloff said she wishes Amrhein the best of luck.

“I want to thank the residents of Ward 2 for allowing me to represent them for the past four years,” Gavriloff said. “I wish Mr. Amrhein the best in becoming the council representative for this ward.”

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