Letters to the editor

Olson Hall housekeeper appreciated by students

Dear editor:

As a Kent State student battling with depression/bipolar disease every day of my life, I was swept away when I read the recent article on Kim Maurice. Kim is my housekeeper in Olson Hall and she is highly respected in our dorm. Kim is like a “second mom” to us here is Olson. She works everyday to make our living area livable and clean. To see that she is planning to return to the classroom and start a non-profit to help people with mental illnesses hits home to me. Kudos to her! Keep up the good work.

Greg Zmuda

Sophomore secondary integrated social studies major

Biden: The Foreign Policy president America needs

Dear editor:

I watched Joe Biden on C-SPAN tonight (He’s a democratic candidate to become president in case you didn’t know). Call me a nerd. I don’t care. All I know is that this man truly cares about issues that affect the average American: from his energy plan to his education plan to his health care plan, but most importantly, to his Iraq plan. I think even Republicans would agree with me that if there was a way out, without leaving chaos, they would gladly welcome the plan. Well, Joe has offered the plan, and it received 75 senate votes in the non-binding measure. That is half of the Republicans supporting Joe! Tell me what other candidate has offered that. Learn more at planforiraq.com for yourself. We need someone that has experience. Joe has demonstrated in his 35 years in the senate how to work across party lines. From the Biden Crime Bill to the Violence Against Women Act, these are only a few examples of Joe Biden crossing party lines. Jimmy Carter was the human rights president, Bill Clinton was the economy president and Joe Biden will be the Foreign Policy president at a time this country desperately needs.

I am so sick of people saying Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance. If Joe Biden had a dollar for everyone who has said this, he would be a pretty serious candidate. I also get aggravated when people say Biden would make a great Secretary of State. Are you ready to elect someone who doesn’t know more than their advisers? We have seen this in George Bush and we don’t need to see it again.

Even the other candidates agree with Joe. Joe Biden came out with a clever ad that displayed Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd all saying “Joe is Right” in the previous debate. Then it went to past debates and the same thing occurred. Joe is right. If other candidates agree, why can’t you? Join me in supporting Joe Biden to become an American president.

Please check out “Joe Biden: An American President” on youtube.com.

Marc Kutylowski

Freshman biotechnology major