Snap Judgment: “Shadowplay” The Killers

Megan Rozsa

“Shadowplay” The Killers

Listens until it gets old: 150

Stater rating (out of 5): ****

If I had to pick a style to describe The Killers’ new single, it would be retro.

“Shadowplay” is very reminiscent of The Killers’ style, but it adds a new flair that makes head-bobbing to this song not quite enough. Once you hear the synthesizer opening to this song, you’ll be immediately reminded of the ’80s and want to dance the Carlton dance.

A couple seconds later, the guitars come in, along with some vocals. Commence sidestepping and finger snapping. Lead singer Brandon Flowers’ vocals are slightly different than usual. In the past, he was a little whinier in songs like “Somebody Told Me” and “Smile Like You Mean It.” I can see this song being played in an indie bar. I’m not usually a huge fan of The Killers, but this song may have changed my ways. Then again, I tend to be more of an ’80s-style music lover, anyway.

Megan Rozsa