Prepare your car for the winter weather

Emily Andrews

Winter driving can be dangerous, and drivers need to be prepared for ice, snow and other swerving vehicles.

Kristopher Zukas from Flynn’s Tire and Auto Service offered some tips to help drivers prepare for driving this winter.

Zukas said the most important tip to be prepared is to have good tires.

“Bad tires can cause spin-outs and a loss of control of the vehicle,” Zukas said. “An accident will cost you more than spending the money on new tires.”

He suggests to get a general check-up before the weather gets bad to make sure all belts, brakes and fluids such as anti-freeze are in good shape. Also, he said to inspect all the exterior parts of your car, such as the windshield wiper blades and lights.

“The lights aren’t only for you to see,” Zukas said. “They are for other drivers on the road so they can see you. Anytime you have your wipers on make sure you have your lights on as well.”

Zukas said people forget what winter driving is like, so drivers need to keep an adequate amount of space between you and the car ahead of you.

He also said not to feel rushed while driving.

“Just because people around you are whipping past, don’t feel pressured to speed up,” Zukas said. “Just get over into the right lane if you are on the highway or let them stay behind you.”

He also said to make sure you are paying attention to your car.

“If the check engine light is on, get it checked out,” Zukas said. “It is saying that the car’s computer is noticing something isn’t right.”

He said lighter vehicles might benefit from getting some weight put down in the trunk to give it more traction. If you do get into a situation that you start to skid, don’t break.

“Breaking can cause loss of control,” Zukas said. “Just steer your car in the direction of the skid and that will help.”

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