Feeling the heat

Rebecca Moidel

A row of Canfield school buses line the parking lot of the Cardinal Joint Fire District, in Canfield, Ohio. The Canfield Police Station rests just beyond the fire station on Lisbon Road.

Credit: Ron Soltys

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The Cardinal Joint Fire District, off Lisbon Road in Canfield, Ohio, has become a second home to Fire Chief Robert J. Tieche. Tieche has been chief of the department since 1983. His son, Rob Tieche, has followed in his footsteps as a full-time firefighter at the station. The department is brought to life each day by a group of full-time and part-time firefighters. Daily duties begin at 7 a.m. with cleaning and checking the full-duty fire engine, organizing the station and preparing for daily activities. The department as a whole responds to calls of major traffic crashes, fire incidents and anything that requires EMS-related help. The district strives to provide protection for the Canfield community and is involved in many programs that help the community understand what a firefighter’s job is about. Public education and emergency medical training is all a part of being a firefighter. Chief Tieche said it’s critical in today’s environment that firefighters are there to serve the people and do whatever they can do for them.

“When you need something, call the fire department.”

Story and photos by Rebecca Moidel of the Daily Kent Stater.