Adult Student Center to hold relationship discussion

Kristine Gill

Adult students are invited to attend a discussion on relationships at the Adult Student Center today. The discussion runs from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Jay Weisburd, a counseling graduate student, will co-facilitate the discussion, which he said is not limited to talk of romantic relationships.

“It’s going to be a discussion about the impact that relationships would have on being a student,” he said. “We’ll let the students decide the direction the group takes.”

Weisburd said this is the first discussion on relationships to be held for adult students. Discussions on the same topic have been held for international students.

Today’s discussion is part of a series of discussions started last year. LuWanda Higgins, program coordinator for the Adult Student Center, said the series began after suggestions were made at meetings of the Student Quality Advisory Committee. As the committee’s community counseling liaison, Weisburd, started programming regular discussions.

“Jay Weisburd has provided leadership for this program that evolved up through SQAC,” Higgins said. “We are very appreciative of his work in building and helping us move these discussion groups into a regular program format.”

Weisburd said the discussion series is geared toward all non-traditional students including adult and international students. Past discussions have covered balancing other aspects of family work and school.

“We wanted to find a way to further connect segments of the population to the university,” he said.

The discussions are arranged by Student Quality Advisor Committee and the Counseling and Human Development Center. Weisburd was able to link the two groups as the committee’s liaison.

“I knew we had students who could provide the counseling and students who had a need for it.” Weisburd said.

– Kristine Gill