New dean announced for the A&S

Angelo Gargaro

Moerland named head of the College of Arts and Sciences

After some futile attempts, the dean search for the College of Arts and Sciences has finally ended.

Tim Moerland, chair of Florida State’s biological sciences, officially accepted the dean position yesterday and will take over for Interim Dean Jerry Feezel.

“There is a lot of opportunity at Kent State,” Moerland said. “I look forward to watching the university grow while I am dean.”

Tim Chandler, dean for the College of the Arts, said the search committee is happy with the decision.

“We brought very good candidates to campus,” Chandler said. “(Moerland) was certainly the most experienced.”

Chandler also said one of the reasons this search was successful was because the search committee used a search consultant: Baker and Associates LLC.

Baker and Associates is an executive search firm established in 2007. According to its Web site, its higher education practice is one of the most highly regarded in the country.

Moerland also served as associate dean for research for the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida State and was responsible for new research initiatives and oversight of contract and grant activity. Chandler said this was appealing about Moerland.

“Moerland’s a very experienced department chair at a research on institution,” Chandler said. “And, he is a good scholar.”

Chandler also said the college was looking for someone with research background to help the college move forward and continue to grow.

The search committee, however, didn’t make the final decision on which candidate would be selected — Robert Frank, senior vice president and provost, did.

“He simply excelled,” Frank said. “There was no question he was the best candidate.”

Frank also said Moerland’s experience in research was a deciding factor during the selection process.

“Two of our priorities at Kent State are increased research funding and even more collaborations, both of which mean discovery that benefits our students, faculty, staff and the people of Ohio,” Frank said in a press release yesterday. “We are pleased Dr. Moerland shares those values.”

Moerland said it is too early to say exactly what his goals for the college are but wants to learn everything there is to learn.

“I felt there was a good fit and that I matched well with what the university was looking for,” Moerland said. “I felt very comfortable at Kent State.”

After two unsuccessful searches, three seemed to be the lucky charm.

“We’re cheering loudly,” Chandler said about the search committee. “We feel we’ve done as good as we can.”

Moerland’s official start as dean will be May 15, 2008. Frank said Moerland will make a few trips to the university before to start the transition of the new dean.

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