MTV’s new reality show offers viewers entertainment,

Samantha Tosado

Tila Tequila — model, singer and now reality television star. Tila Tequila is not only favored by over 1.5 million friends, but her show “A Shot At Love” on MTV, is also becoming popular. Each episode has something new to offer, and with the season finale right around the corner, many fans are wondering who exactly Tila is going to choose.

Angela Ramsay, freshman fashion merchandising major, said she likes the show because it’s different than any other reality television show.

“There was never a show like it,” Ramsay said. “It’s dramatic because both the sexes are competing, not just one.”

Ramsay said she thinks Dani is going to win by far.

“She looks like a guy, but she’s a girl,” she said. “Tila will be getting the best of both worlds.”

On the other hand, some find the show inspiring, because they too had to “come out of the closet,” and for many that process is not easy.

Freshman fashion merchandising major Chris Wolfe said it’s hard to come out of the closet, especially on national television.

“For (Tila) to come out on TV before telling her own parents takes a lot of guts,” he said.

Wolfe, who announced he was gay in 2005, isn’t a die-heart fan of “A Shot of Love,” but he watches the reruns when he gets a chance.

“I think it is a good concept because it is obviously something someone who comes out must deal with,” Wolfe said. “And in true reality TV fashion, they capitalize on another market to create an entertaining show. Luckily, it has been effective and captured the audience of many.”

Although Tila calls herself bisexual, Wolfe said that he doesn’t agree with the term.

“I honestly do not believe someone can be ‘bi’ because in the end, they are going to spend their life with a guy or a girl — not both,” he said.

It’s plausible for someone to be attracted to both sexes, though, Wolfe said.

“I’m sure I’m going to get hounded for being gay and not believing in bisexuality, and I don’t necessarily feel that it is a choice,” Wolfe said. Wolfe doesn’t have a guess as to which gender Tila will choose.

“In the end, it’s her decision, and as much as the general public wants to influence her, she needs to make the decision for herself on what makes her truly happy,” he said.

The love of Tila’s life

Some students weigh-in about who they hope will get the last shot at love on MTV’s “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.”

Sophomore art major Kathleen McMannis said she thinks Bobby should win. “He’s a cutie and he’s the most sincere one, and he’s not a total nut job,” she said.”I think the other ones are freaks.”

Sophomore intergrated language arts major Gabrielle Schura said she hopes Dani will win Tila’s heart. “I want Dani to win because she’s definitely the most level-headed person left.”

Sophomore fashion merchandising major Amir Kaghazwala said he hopes Bobby will win Tila because “he’s a smooth character.”

Sophomore nursing major Chris Fackelmann said Bobby is his favorite and he likes him because he’s the most normal one on the show.

Sophomore communication studies major Dave Miller said he is hoping Dani will win because she and Tila have a good love connection. “She looks like someone I went to high school with that is a guy,” he said. “It also looks like Dani’s family likes Tila from the preview.”

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