Spotlight on lighting

Elizabeth Myers

While working on lighting cues, Fink and Wienholts imitate a scene in the play as they read along with the script. Though the two spend many hours working, they still find time to joke around. Photo by Elizabeth Myers

Credit: DKS Editors


During the sequence, “lights, camera, action!” most people are paying attention to the “action.” But senior theatre major Heather Fink is all about the lights.

As lighting designer for the upcoming production of “Urinetown,” Fink is in charge of every bit of light in Wright-Curtis Theatre, located in the Music and Speech Building. From the color a light projects to the specific placement and angle of each instrument hanging from the catwalks, Fink has spent almost two months designing, plotting, focusing and cueing lights for the show.

“I began lighting in high school because a friend of mine needed help and I enjoyed it so I stuck with it,” Fink said. “The fact that one can help to create mood and change the focus of a scene with a simple change in intensity or color was an idea that stuck out and made me turn my attention to lighting.”

“Urinetown” opens at 8 p.m. Friday and runs through next weekend.