Anti-War committee to protest today

Kelly Pickerel

The Kent State Anti-War Committee will hold demonstrations in the Student Center and Risman Plaza to protest the war in Iraq throughout today.

Beginning in the Student Center at noon, participants will silently hold signs along the windows in the Hub.

Yvette Coil, a member of the committee, said the group will start its silent protest and carry different signs displaying facts, quotes and anti-war slogans. Anyone can join in at any time.

“We know a lot of students want to express their opinions,” she said. “We do want other people involved.”

Coil said members of the committee hope to see more student involvement.

“College students should have opinions about war,” she said. “This is their generation. If there’s a draft, they’re the ones going.”

At 1 p.m., the protesters will march toward Janik Drive near the Business Administration Building and then head back to the Student Center.

Once in Risman Plaza, members of the committee will stage an arrest of a George W. Bush mannequin.

The demonstration will end with a die-in at 2 p.m. Participants will lie down in Risman Plaza to commemorate soldiers and Iraqi civilians who have been killed during the current war in Iraq.

“We encourage others to join in,” Coil said. “If you want this war to end, do this with us.”

Although those participating in the die-in plan on wearing black, Coil said the committee will be providing black arm bands to those who want to partake in the activities.

Coil said the anti-war committee is not against the military entirely.

“Kent State has a lot of military families,” she said. “I’m the wife of a veteran, and there are others who have family in the military.

“We’re not against the soldier, we’re just against this government sending citizens to war based on lies.”

– Kelly Pickerel