College Dems president says 2008 election to be a ‘great ride’

Kelly Pickerel

College Democrats President Amy Groya said politics should be a part of every student’s life.

“School work is important – but so is politics,” she said.

Groya said new members are always welcome to join the College Democrats, and 2008 will be an important year to be involved with politics, especially gearing up for the presidential election.

“It’s going to be a great ride,” she said.

Democrats associate themselves with progressive and liberal viewpoints, she said, but believing in everything isn’t necessary to become a member of the group.

“We’re a really open minded, accepting group,” she said. “You don’t have to agree 100 percent with everything. If you’re not really into state funding or universal health care, that’s fine.

“As long as you stand for most of our beliefs, you’re welcome,” she said.

The year is going “amazingly,” Groya said, and she’s very excited about the progress being made.

“We’ve had record attendance numbers, especially for what some would call an off-election year,” Groya said. “Many members hold executive positions in other student organizations, too, which is exciting.”

A total of 107 students consider themselves College Democrats, she said, and more than 30 attend each meeting.

Groya said the group’s main focus is supporting Andy Padrutt, former president of the College Democrats, with his campaign for mayor of the city of Green.

“Until Nov. 6, our number one priority is Andy Padrutt,” she said.

After Election Day, Groya said the group will concentrate on voter registration.

“I’d like to see the whole campus registered, whether democratic or republican,” she said. “Then next year, (we can) find the ones that are our friends and get them to the polls.”

College Democrat meetings are 9 p.m. Wednesdays in Room 315 of the Student Center.

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