Noose news does more harm than good

Ryan Szymczak

When it comes to the recent widespread syndication of noose sightings, big news corporations are taking uncommon indecency and lighting it on fire.

Of course they realize the financial benefits of spreading an obnoxious, anti-progressive and entirely unnecessary fire of racial unrest clear across the national viewing area.

Disguised under the illusion of being benevolent, impartial public informers, these big news corporations are, at least in some degree, responsible for inciting riots and granting attention-desperate idiots with an elevated voice and far too much airtime.

I’m convinced the ’round-the-clock syndication and in-depth looks at these noose-hanging incidents inspire the otherwise weak and powerless into using the same or similar ways to validate their lowly, usually unrecognized existences.

It’s almost as if these otherwise voiceless nobodies and cowards have been baited out of hiding by big news with a revolutionary way of mass-advertising their backwoods belief system.

They’re biting, maliciously.

I understand why big news portrays the noose as the enduring symbol of African-American culture — it makes us all restless and upset and concerned.

A question I have a hard time wrapping my mind around is why aren’t these big news corporations held accountable for spoonfeeding these wild, hardly educated and viciously racist animals with ideas and methods on how to be heard?

I just don’t get it. They’re actually inciting a race war right before our eyes and yet they still sit pretty and pretentiously impartial behind their desks as if they’re just giving you the story you deserve.

We deserve more. How about an attempt at foresight? I fear they do have foresight, and they see dollar signs.

We’re only a few generations down the road from that pathetic, barbaric era where scoundrels, morons and arrogant, uncultured whites forever painted themselves primitive.

Passed on from racist father to racist son and so on, those better-left-unacknowledged piles of rotting wood and old thinking had been lying dormant and washed ashore from the mainstream.

Then, one white supremacist teen does something sadistic, and it sparks a national incident that gets plastered, again and again and again, all over TV screens. It’s a cold slap right in the face of progress and an impromptu do-it-yourself for the long ignored inbred sector of the human population.

Bravo big news, way to make heroes of and give recognition to the cowardly, mask-wearing, KKK community.

These backwoods-raised-nobodies don’t have the luxury of revolutionary commodities such as decent parents, common sense and indoor plumbing. What they deserve is a good old-fashioned beat down, or an education, not national coverage and martyrdom status to the otherwise hushed and forgotten savages of their kind — the kind who are now waving their confederate flags higher than ever, riled up with light bulbs hot wired by CNN into a not-so-bright white above their thick neglected skulls.

Feeding that weaker breed of human with press coverage is only going to inspire it and more like it to conjure up more distasteful and rotten ways to incite racial unrest.

Ryan Szymczak is a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].