PRIDE!Kent discusses safe sex

Christina Stavale

PRIDE!Kent held its own night of safe sex education last night — Sextoberfest 2.0, the Queer Version.

The event gave lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students the opportunity to get the kind of information and resources Kent Interhall Council’s Sextoberfest provided Wednesday night.

PRIDE!Kent Vice President Leora Rzepka said this type of event was a little more personal to PRIDE!Kent members, as Wednesday’s event was geared more toward heterosexual students.

“Doing it like this, we have more of a chance to address the GLBTQ population,” she said.

PRIDE!Kent President Colleen Eltibi led the game “Name that STD,” sharing facts such as one in every five people are infected with herpes.

The group also played a game where they identified different types of sexual behaviors as no risk, low risk or high risk.

Freshman marketing major Kristen Nappier said the event was a lot of fun and the first time she got that kind of information. Sex education specific to LGBT students, she said, is something they keep from students in high school.

— Christina Stavale