Water main breaks outside Williams Hall

A water main broke outside of the west side Williams Hall Monday night, and the water will be shut off later today so repairs can be made.

Robert J. Winkler, building maintenance manager for Campus Environment and Operations, said he will not know what caused the break until workers dig up the pipe. Winkler said the workers started digging yesterday morning and were scheduled to insert a valve to prepare to shut off the water yesterday.

He said the water will not actually be shut off until later this afternoon when workers dig up and repair the pipe.

Winkler said they are waiting to shut the water off so students can use the chemistry labs today.

Winkler said people will not be able to walk around the area until at least tomorrow evening.

“We have the area barricaded off and there’s caution tape,” Winkler said. “We’ve also notified Student Disability Services so they’re aware of the situation.”

Winkler said water will be restored to Williams Hall after the pipe is repaired.

– Kevin Gareau