It’s never too late to make a change

Kristine Gill

One adult student makes the change from car parts to conservation.

On a crisp fall day, Donna Craver would much rather walk her dogs or ride her motorcycle than go to class, but it’s not because she doesn’t like college.

“I like selling car parts, but it’s a declining occupation,” Craver said.

Craver, 45, came to Kent State last semester to earn a degree in science education. A lifetime love of nature inspired her to learn and then pass on the knowledge necessary to preserve it.

“I want to teach students conservation of resources and how to be good stewards of our earth,” she said.

Craver recognizes the irony in her change of profession. After 25 years in the automotive industry, she’s entering the opposite end of the spectrum.

She also admits that coming to Kent State was a daunting endeavor.

“It’s intimidating because you wonder where it’s going to take you,” she said. “But if I wasn’t doing this what would I be doing?

“I’m capable of more,” Craver said, “And I’m not dead yet.”

She said age is an issue, as she will be 50 before her degree is finished. She realizes her age may become in obstacle in finding a teaching position, but said she’s willing to tackle it.

“I try to remain jovial,” she said, despite those mornings when she wakes up wondering what she’s done to herself by deciding to continue her studies.

But Craver has her sights set on a new career. And to get it, she’ll wait for another crisp fall day to ride her motorcycle.

“I love going to class,” she said. “I never want to miss one.”

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