Sylvia Browne rumor false

Kevin Gareau

A rumor that a shooting will occur at Kent State on Halloween is false, said psychic Sylvia Browne’s business manager, Linda Rossi.

According to the rumor, Browne predicted a shooting at Kent State on Montel, a show where she is a frequent guest.

“I spoke to Sylvia, and she said she never said anything about a school shooting at Kent State,” Rossi said. “She doesn’t see anything happening there.”

Kent State Police detective Nancy Shefchuk investigated the alleged prediction, and she determined the prediction was never made. She said a similar rumor “has been circling the drains at other universities for years.”

Regardless, students and parents are still concerned.

Crime prevention officer Alice Ickes said parents have been calling the police station asking about the rumor.

“I took one call from a father whose student had called him and asked to be picked up on Halloween weekend,” Ickes said.

Anisha Bhatia, freshman integrated life sciences major, said the rumor made her worried.

“Initially, I honestly did believe it, and I was scared,” Bhatia said. ” But our RA posted a list of common myths, and this just seemed like one of the things on the list.”

The university sent an e-mail to students early yesterday morning saying the rumor was false. The e-mail directed students to, an urban legend Web site.

Ickes said the same rumor was spread in 1998 at Kent State and other universities.

Other rumored schools

– University of Connecticut

– University of Florida

– Florida State University

– University of Illinois

– Purdue University

– University of Michigan

– Ohio State University

– Bowling Green State University


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