Students learn time management skills

Adam Griffiths

The Center for Student Involvement will hold a time management workshop at 2 p.m. in Room 318 of the Student Center.

Janessa Imdorf, First Year Experience and Undergraduate Studies graduate assistant, said the workshop is catered toward freshmen who may be struggling to budget their time.

“They don’t realize their new freedom,” Imdorf said. “They spend less time in class and not necessarily enough time doing the things they need to be doing.”

Imdorf said attendees will participate in an activity using money to conceptualize time. Each student will be given $24, representing the hours in a day, to learn how to schedule their day more effectively.

The workshop is part of the Student Leadership Workshop series.

Amanda Stewart, graduate assistant in the Center for Student Involvement, said the purpose of the workshops is for students to gain knowledge of the topics that are covered, “as well as insight into their personal skills, strengths, weaknesses and how to use these factors to become more effective leaders.”

– Adam Griffiths