Silent auction to benefit a family in Tijuana

Sam Twarek

It’s difficult to imagine purchasing art could help build a home for a family in Mexico, but that’s just what one student is trying for.

Katelyn Smith, senior theater studies major, is requesting student and professional art donations for a silent auction to benefit those who want to participate in service projects around the world.

“It’s all about variety,” Smith said. “It’s for a really great cause that will help a lot of people.”

All proceeds will go to the Agape Project, a non-profit, non-religious organization that helps to make service trips affordable and readily available to all who have the desire to help others.

Mehri Davis, president and founder of the Agape Project, created the organization while doing mission work in Tijuana last year.

In order for the trips to continue, Davis realized she needed to get rid of the two things that prevent people from service – cost and religion.

“I just really strongly feel where she’s coming from with the message of the project,” Smith said. “It allows more people to get involved, and I love the fact that she’s trying to make it as affordable as possible.”

The current project will send 15 high school students and two teachers from New York to build a house for a family in Tijuana.

The fundraising goal is currently set at $16,000.

Smith said entries for the auction could range from framed 2D art such as prints, paintings and drawings, 3D sculptures, forms and small textiles such as belts or jewelry.

The silent auction will be held from noon until 5 p.m. Saturday and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday in room B005 of the Music and Speech Center.

A live band, West Shore Drive, will perform at 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Artists can contact Smith for donations at [email protected].

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