Saturday shake up results in stabbing

Andrew Schiller

A man with a stab wound was lying on his back at the corner of West Erie Street and Franklin Avenue early Saturday morning, according to a report from the Kent Fire Department.

When the Kent Emergency Medical Service arrived at 12:26 a.m., the man, 26, was still bleeding from his left leg and said he had been stabbed once while attempting to break up a fight, according to the report.

The man said he had been drinking the night of the incident, according to the report.

Paul Stanton, a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, was there that night. He said a man was kicked out of Mugs Brew Pub & Sports Grill and went over to the Venice Restaurant. After that he got into another fight that ended near the Pufferbelly, where he stabbed someone, Stanton said.

“The guy was (angry) because some guy he didn’t even know was talking to some girl he didn’t even know,” he said.

Stanton said there was a bloody shirt on Erie and pointed out what he believed to be a pool of dried blood on the same street.

He also pointed out a dark red stain that trailed across Franklin from the curb of the Pufferbelly parking lot to Erie Street, in front of Mugs. He said he believed the stain to be remnants of the blood.

Stanton and Vince, the owner of Mugs, are thinking of looking at tapes from the cameras at both establishments to see who was thrown out of Mugs, Stanton said.

Kevin Long, a Pufferbelly manager, was also there that night.

“By the time I caught it, the ambulances were already working on him, and there were cop cars everywhere,” Long said.

He said there was a good amount of blood in the Pufferbelly parking lot.

Mike, a bouncer at Buffalo Wild Wings (who asked to not have his last name published), heard a different story. He said the fight took place behind the train car that sits along Franklin and was between two men and another man. He said he wasn’t sure who was kicked out of Mugs.

“The guy was getting stomped, so he pulled out a knife and cut ’em,” Mike said.

By the time he came outside from Buffalo Wild Wings, there were two ambulances. At least one person was taken away in an ambulance. He said he wasn’t sure if police had charged the person who had done the stabbing.

“I know police said they got him. I think they took him in for questioning.”

Cpt. John Tusko of the Kent Fire Department said two ambulances were dispatched to 211 Franklin Ave. Saturday morning.

“They thought there were two patients,” but after finding out there was only one, the other ambulance returned to the station, Tusko said.

Lt. Jayme Cole of Kent City Police said the case is still under investigation and couldn’t comment as of yesterday.

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