KSU alumni bring back comedy act

Erik Urycki

Steve Byrne, a Kent State alumni, performed his comedy act last night in the Student Center Ballroom, along with opening act Ryan Dalton. Byrne has starred in the nbc show “The Real Wedding Crashers” and was rated No. 8 in Comedy Central’s “Stand-Up Showd

Credit: DKS Editors

Don’t watch a Ryan Dalton or Steve Byrne comedy show while having a drink: You might spit it up with laughter.

Both comedians, who are Kent State alumni, reminisced about everything, from their time in Ohio to their life after college, in the KSC Ballroom last night.

Byrne, a ’97 graduate and Dalton, a ’98 graduate, have been friends since meeting at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house in the mid ’90s.

Dalton started the night by claiming he was brought in for the show by helicopter; the joke was an instant hit.

“No seriously, I was choppered in,” he said. “And by choppered in, I mean I rode in on the handle bars of some guy’s bike.”

Dalton received applause throughout the set, which concluded with him describing the sound a woman makes when she wants to hook up with him. That was a real crowd pleaser.

Byrne was also well received. He spoke about being half Korean and how much he hated Applebee’s.

“I love how every time they bring out the sizzling skillet everyone stops and watches,” Byrne said. “How’d your mom die – oh, look at the skillet.”

At one point, Byrne lay down on the stage and attempted to seduce an audience member.

Both gags drew applause from the audience.

Andrew Hill, freshman exploratory major, and Mary Kate Krzywicki, sophomore architecture major, said they are huge comedy fans and have been following Dalton since they heard him on a Cleveland radio station.

“I love his Christopher Walken impression,” Hill said. “He will make up random scenes and do it with Christopher Walken’s voice. He is the best at it.”

Also in the crowd was junior conservation major Ryan Jacobson, who was there to see Byrne.

“I saw him for the first time on Comedy Central,” Jacobson said. “In between classes, I would turn on Comedy Central to watch stand up, and he was, by far, the best.”

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