He said, she said: First dates


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He said

Curt Earich, sophomore political science major, summed up first dates when he said: “They’re the most awkward dates the guy could ever go through.”

But for someone who says he dislikes them so much, Earich has certainly had his share of creative first dates.

“On one date, I covered her house with balloons,” he said. “I had known her a long time, and I knew her mom, too. Each balloon had something we had gone through together in it, and she went around and popped them all. She cried.”

Sometimes the girl he’s out with makes the date special.

“A girl who had been my best friend forever, who knew me way too well, took me out on my birthday,” he said. “She took me to Dave & Busters because she knew I was a gaming fanatic, then she took me back to my house.”

When Earich got home, he said all his friends were waiting with a supply of gaming systems for him to choose from as his gift.

Communication is essential to the success of the date, Earich said, mirroring the sentiment of sophomore finance major Danny Blair.

“I went out with this girl the other night,” he said. “We went out at 12:30 to get food, and we were talking and chatting, and we ended up looking at our watches and it was 3 a.m. Communication is a good thing to get out at the beginning.”

Suliman Rahim, senior justice studies major, said a first date is a success when he walks away thinking he didn’t waste a whole evening, and when his first impressions of his date stay the same after he has spent more time with her.

One first date stands out for him.

“I took my girl dancing, and a guy was selling flowers there. I bought her some and we kissed,” he said. “She was the one driving, and she took me home. I was 15, and we went out a lot after that.”

Finances aside, Rahim said his dream first date would be renting a Hummer stretch limo and taking his date to a $200 dinner, then going dancing.

“Then I’d take her home,” he said. “No first date for me is going to be anything more than that.”

Earich said first dates can end a variety of ways.

“How a date ends depends on how it went,” he said. “It could go from a ‘get the hell out of there’ to a kiss at the door.”

Junior nursing major Mark Little said when a date is a disaster, there’s no use calling back for another.

“If a date goes bad, you both know it,” he said.

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She said

Awkward silence. Fake laughing. Being obsessed with someone you met a few hours ago.

First dates can either be the start to something great or a tedious countdown to the end of a short-lived affair.

Commitment is probably not the catchword for date numero uno.

“He was talking about dating me for a really long time on the first date,” said freshman nursing major Ashley Fiest. “I really wasn’t feeling him to begin with.”

First impressions are everything, and her cousin, sophomore biology major Maggie Fiest, said a guy with bad manners, such as chewing with his mouth open and not holding the door for her, is not getting a callback.

Ashley described her ideal first date as dinner at Olive Garden and a sports game after. She said you should end the date there and recommended going home separately afterward, rather than hanging out.

“Just give him a hug and, ‘I’ll see you. I’ll call you later,’ kind of thing,” Fiest said.

Melissa Beatty, freshman fashion merchandising major, suggested two rules of thumb for the occasion. First off, talking about past relationships is inappropriate.

“Keep it real light,” she said. “Talking about that is something you want to keep for later down the road.”

Second: Don’t go to a movie.

“You don’t get a chance to talk to the person,” Beatty said. “It can feel really awkward.”

Freshman exploratory major Danielle Mosgrove agreed.

“I went out with a guy to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3,” Mosgrove said. “It was so long and so boring, just a bad date.”

Freshman English major Amanda Andray suggested also keeping the attention focused on the date.

“It would be a bad date if he runs into his friends and talks only to them and ignores you or is rude, or he’s openly checking out other girls,” she said.

But there can be some good first experiences with a new person. Ashley’s been dating her boyfriend for five months, and they had a great first date.

“We just talked about ourselves,” she said. “We didn’t hold hands.”

Andray said the best dates aren’t necessarily anything eventful or all that special, but there is definitely a connection.

“A first date’s a success if we get along really well, and we really click,” Andray said. “It’s really easy to talk to him, and you end up having a good time even though you didn’t do anything.”

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