New political group stresses personal liberty

Kelly Pickerel

College Libertarians is a new political group on campus this year, and it’s looking for members.

The group formed when Dmitry Chernikov, a graduate student studying philosophy, saw the need for a meeting time. He said the idea for the group formed out of his personal beliefs.

“I formed the group in order to promote libertarian scholarship, educate students about the virtues of liberty and perhaps take part in some political activism if appropriate,” Chernikov said.

He started spreading word about the group by placing advertisements around campus over the summer.

“Once fall started, more people were interested,” Chernikov said. “I received 25 e-mails at the beginning of the year.”

The meetings are mainly based around discussion, although if there is an interest in activities, Chernikov said he’s up for anything.

The group is looking for anyone interested in “liberty, economics, political philosophy and libertarian politics,” he said.

Chernikov describes Libertarianism on the group’s Web site,, as a vision of how a society functions best, based around personal liberty. Libertarians, he said, believe the only function of the state is to secure life, liberty and property. They are also fully against war and are pro-peace and anti-interventionist.

The group meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays in Room 322 of the Student Center.

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