The experience is all that matters

Jonas Fortune

Throw out that score. Throw out those stats. Who cares? What an experience for anyone involved with Kent State sports.

To play the No.3 team in the nation — one of the most storied and tradition-rich teams in college football history — at a stadium that seats over 100,000 is a story these players and coaches can share with their families for years to come, although they may leave out that final score in their retellings.

“This is what college football is all about — the environment,” senior defensive lineman Colin Ferrell said. “I don’t know how many thousands were here, but this is every kid’s dream to play college football in an environment like this.”

Playing at the Horseshoe isn’t just a football game — it’s an event.

The streets are filled with energy and passion as thousands upon thousands march their way down to Ohio Stadium. Once you’re inside it’s the band and the fans. It’s Script Ohio before the game and Carmen Ohio afterward. Wow, what traditions.

This is a place where the Buckeyes are up by 42 in the third quarter and I hear another reporter say: “See, this is what frickin’ amazes me. Look how many people are still here!”

And they were still there in the fourth quarter and after the game. If you can’t feel the energy there, then you’re comatose.

“If you come out and aren’t pumped, then you are not ready to play college football,” sophomore running back Eugene Jarvis said. “Our adrenaline was pumping and we were ready to play. It’s what college football is all about.”

Give me a helmet, coach Martin. As I stood on the field Saturday I was feeling savvy enough to sprint out there and tackle Beanie Wells. Who wouldn’t want to?

The Flashes have nothing to hang their head about in this game. Not many opposing teams win in the Horseshoe. Ask Michigan.

Although the scoreboard did end up lopsided, the Flashes did post the most rushing yards anyone has this season against the Buckeyes. Akron could only muster three. Purdue wasn’t much better, with four rushing yards. Northwestern couldn’t even gain a yard.

Kent State? How about 161?

Against any MAC team that number is probably around 300, but the team speed of Ohio State was on another level. The 20-yard runs that Edelman usually makes with ease were sacks against the Buckeyes.

There was even a play where Jarvis took a hand off and jetted to the right. Before he could get to the edge Ohio State senior linebacker Marcus Freeman flew from the left side, across the backfield, and caught Jarvis for a loss. No one has speed like that in the MAC.

It should make Bowling Green seem that much slower next week.

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