Police use stun gun in weekend arrest

Amadeus Smith

Non-student charged with trafficking

Kent City Police used two electric stun devices to subdue a man charged with trafficking cocaine after he resisted arrest on Saturday, witnesses said.

Jeremy A. Dalton, 21, of 527 Carthage Ave. was arrested for trafficking in drugs at 129 University Drive. According to the police report, Dalton had 17.9 grams of cocaine at the time of arrest.

Mike Parisi, 21, lives next door to the place of arrest. He was not involved, but witnessed the incident.

Parisi said Dalton and a few others were sitting in a parked four-door truck in the driveway of 129 University Drive when three or four officers walked up the street. He said initially the officers weren’t headed for the truck, but turned to approach it as they were passing the driveway.

The officers had Dalton and the others leave the car immediately, he said.

Before the officers could search him, Dalton ran toward Main Street, Parisi said. Two officers ran to the next driveway, closer to Main Street, to cut Dalton off.

Parisi, who was about 15 feet from the scene, said when Dalton ran back in the direction of the arrest, police used a Taser-like device on Dalton. The device shot two probes attached to its base.

“I saw the cop clicking the button the whole time,” Parisi said.

At this point, Parisi saw two or three officers had wrestled Dalton to the ground. Parisi said he saw another officer use a second device resembling a stun gun on Dalton after he continued to resist.

Parisi said the officer shoved the device into Dalton’s back about a dozen times, and Dalton gave up around the 10th strike.

At this point, Parisi said Kent Police pulled what looked like a wad of money and a bag filled with a white substance from Dalton’s pocket.

Parisi said he didn’t think Dalton received a warning before the use of force.

“I didn’t hear them say ‘stop’ one time,” Parisi said.

According to a detailed criminal case report, Justin L. Volpe, 20, also of 527 Carthage Ave., was charged with possessing a controlled substance and illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia six minutes prior to Dalton’s arrest at 5:09 p.m.

Kent City Police wouldn’t comment on the arrest yesterday.

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