Working out when you can’t go out

Hannah Burkey Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic has forced regular gym goers to switch up their routines with home workouts.

“The virus has definitely changed my workout routine,” said Olivia Pushak, a senior exercise science major at Kent State University.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered the closure of all Ohio gyms on March 16. This was seen as a necessary step to properly implement social distancing and stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

“I have a treadmill and some dumbbells at home which have been nice to use and stay active,” Pushak said. “But it is hard to only have a few types of equipment.”  

Pushak has also been out hiking in another attempt to stay active.

Junior speech pathology major Alexa Bitar said she has been using YouTube and home workouts to get her through the gym freeze.

“I am blessed to have a small gym in my house with a treadmill, so my goal has been to do a strength workout with dumbbells and ten minutes of treadmill cardio everyday,” Bitar said. “But I am also loving the yoga classes that are on YouTube.”

Sophomore dance major Niarra Gooden-Clarke said she is struggling without the gym.

“I dance through Zoom for my classes but I miss the gym,” Gooden-Clarke said.

“I have been going to the Kent State track to run and do circuits everyday, which is getting me through,” Gooden-Clarke added.

There is not yet any date on which Ohio gyms are set to reopen.

“Without lifting for a while, I might lose some muscle, but I am trying to continue to stay active,” Pushak said.

Hannah Burkey is a recreation and fitness reporter. Contact her at [email protected]