Letters to the editor

Sept. 11 editorial opinion misguided, disappointing

Dear Editor:

Although I usually agree with the opinions of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board, I could not help feeling disappointed at your article on the 6th anniversary of the Sept. 11 atrocities. You write that the reason for the attack was that “we have both militarily and socially clashed with the Muslim world.” On the contrary, the U.S. government has sided with Muslim governments and people more times than we have opposed them. American taxpayers supported the overthrow of an Afghan communist regime that killed up to two million innocent Muslims. The lives of American servicemen and women were risked to protect Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims from genocide. In Somalia, 19 members of the U.S. Special Forces died on a mission to provide humanitarian aid to a country where Islam is the predominant faith. Some of the largest recipients of U.S. aid are Muslim countries.

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying every American foreign policy decision is correct (I am a liberal democrat who opposed the Iraq War) nor am I accusing the editorial board of apologetics for bin Laden. I agree with the general theme of the article that we should approach Sept. 11 with thoughtfulness and not absent-minded flag waving. But I think that blaming popular culture or government policy for the attacks is misguided.

Ian Grogan

Junior paralegal studies major

University community should show more spirit

Dear Editor:

I am one of the few, if not the only, purely Kent State school spirited. Since freshman year, I have not missed one football home game, made it to a few away games and watched the others on the K-Zone or locally televised. This weekend I found yet another low for Kent State. School spirit is hard to come by, especially since apparently the campus would rather watch Ohio State; And I, personally, would like to thank Kent State for not putting the $9 or $10 for ESPN Gameplan (for the weekend) on in the Rathskeller. You (KSU) complain about lack of support towards the football team when it comes to attendance with students, and you, yourself, will not even support them. Why would I pay for the K-Zone for just audio when I can clearly hear it on Akron’s radio station? Sure, attendance dramatically improved, probably solely for the alcohol, but if that is the case, having the game on in the ‘Skeller will also bring in revenue that will ultimately support the team as well. I cannot say that if I and the rest of my colleagues got together Kent’s outcome would have changed, but it would have certainly helped with the level of support. Sure we lost, but we put numbers up against a Southeastern Conference team (Kentucky). Last time we faced a power six team, within my 3 years of attendance, we laid an egg. It’s an improvement and nothing to be ashamed of. If we beat the teams we need to beat and put up some numbers against Ohio State, most importantly finally beat Buffalo, Kent State could see a Bowl game. Every year the Browns’ hopefuls come out and get disappointed, I am a Kent State hopeful and proud of it. From a (1-10) to a (6-6) record and beating a Big 12 team – although losing to an SEC team – this year will be different and already is. Support your school, Kent State.

Wade Kratzer

Junior architecture major