USS, Lefton aim to get more involved

Kelly Pickerel

At an informal meeting with President Lester Lefton yesterday, the Undergraduate Student Senate discussed ways for him to increase interaction with students.

“We want to help President Lefton and the administration convey a positive message,” Executive Director Katie Hale said. “We want to show more positive school spirit.”

Hale said Lefton plans on riding around the Homecoming festivities on a golf cart again like last year.

“A lot of students said they liked that, so he’s doing it again this year,” Hale said. “It’s easy for him to talk to students.”

Lefton also discussed who the best person in the university is to speak to about specific requests.

“He mainly told us how to get things done, who to talk to,” said Michael Hammond, senator for research and development. “He taught me a lot.”

USS will meet at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Student Center Governance Chambers. Meetings are open to the public, and the senators want students to attend and bring ideas on how to make the university a better place.

“If (students) come to us, it makes it a lot easier to work,” Hammond said. “We could go out and talk to as many students as we can, but if they come to us, it’s a lot easier.”

Kelly Pickerel