University president allegedly plagiarized ’84 dissertation

(MCT) — The Southern Illinois University department that was asked to review plagiarism allegations against university President Glenn Poshard punted Wednesday, declining to undertake an inquiry into the matter.

In late August, Poshard wrote to the chairman of Carbondale’s Department of Educational Administration and Higher Education, asking him to review accusations against Poshard’s doctoral dissertation and to advise him of any corrections necessary to make it consistent with “the highest academic standards.”

Poshard wrote the paper in 1984 while a doctoral student in that department.

A university statement released late Wednesday said this development left the review process unresolved. The SIU Board of Trustees is evaluating the situation.

“The department has concluded that a committee with broader academic representation would be more appropriate for this review,” said Dave Gross, an SIU spokesman, in the statement.

Department Chairman Brad Colwell could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

Some critics contend Poshard should have appointed an external panel of experts to review the dissertation. Others have said he should just step down. Supporters counter that the issue is being blown out of proportion.