Kent State sororities gather for Bid Night

Tracy Tucholski

Sorority chants echoed throughout the halls of the Student Center last night as all six sororities gathered in the Ballroom for Panhellenic Council’s annual Bid Night.

The current chapter girls anxiously chanted and screamed in anticipation as they waited for the new members to be revealed.

Lisa Ahlers, sophomore Chi Omega member and nursing major, was excited for the night to start.

“All the sororities have been working really hard during recruitment,” Ahlers said. “It’s been a really fun couple of weeks.”

The sororities have been anticipating receiving new members. Last night, more than 100 girls received their bid.

“Tonight’s the night it’s all going to pay off,” Ahlers said.

Courtney Donohoe, sophomore speech pathology major and Delta Zeta member, was anxious about the evening. It’s the first step of initiation for new sisters.

“I’m excited for tonight,” Donohoe said, “I want new baby turtles!”

Delta Zeta refers to its members as turtles.

Since recruitment, the sororities have been putting a lot of work into the preparation of Bid Night.

Delta Zeta has been throwing parties for potential new members, working on the oversized letters to hold up at Bid Night and they were ordering foam fingers for the night’s festivities.

“We made gift bags for new members and cleaned the house, too,” Donohoe said.

As the new members walked into the Ballroom, the six sororities cheered louder than before.

The women approached the stage one at a time. When each had her sorority revealed to the crowd, she ran to her new sisters with open arms.

The process continued until all the women received a bid.

The next step is a 10-week new member formal initiation, Donohoe said.

The new sorority girls will eventually get big sisters.

“New member experience is a chance to get to know the girls, and they get acquainted with sorority life,” Alhers said.

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