USS discusses costs of printing on Kent campus

Kelly Pickerel

The Undergraduate Student Senate discussed two main issues during yesterday’s meeting: the university mission statement and printing costs.

Executive Director Katie Hale said she has been working on different ideas for a better mission statement with the University Strategic Plan Steering Committee.

The committee was formed after a direct request from President Lester Lefton.

Hale, the only undergraduate on the committee, said she wants to combine details gracefully and cohesively into one paragraph.

“The words in the statement reflect what the university puts emphasis on,” she said. “I’d like to see emphasis on research, economic development and academic equality.”

The mission statement was last reviewed in 2004, and Hale said more importance needs to be placed on new details.

It was also brought to the senators’ attention that while printing papers on campus generally costs 7 cents, Kent State’s regional campuses print for free.

Jonithon LaCross, senator for university affairs, said he would look further in to the situation.

“Regional campuses have 1,000 students, and there are 23,000 here,” said John Wetmore, senator for governmental affairs. “(The price difference) is understandable, but still worth looking into. Even if they reduce the price, it could save a few extra pennies.”

Hale ended the meeting commending Lefton for his actions concerning a racial slur spray-painted on a university sign last weekend. She agrees with Lefton that diversity is held in high standard at Kent State, and it should continue at that level.

USS meetings are 4 p.m. Wednesdays in the Student Center Governance Chambers and are open to the public.

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